Our Story

How it all started
What started as a sabbatical in Suriname for Zoe Mezas and Pekula Starke, ended up in the starting point of Talking Prints. The two ladies with Surinamese roots, born and raised in Amsterdam, emigrated to Suriname. With all the stars in alignment, being at the right place and right time, these two owners came in contact with the Maroon tribe in a rural area in Suriname, called Brokopondo. 
(FYI The Maroons of Suriname are descendants of Africans who were brought here through the slave trade. They liberated themselves from slavery and settled in the jungle. )
 The women of this Maroon community asked if we could help them with employment. At that moment we didn't have a clue how to help them. What we did know was, we loved the typical and colorful Surinamese fabrics.
Later on, we found out this community is very handy with sewing machines. So we encouraged them to make a tote bag. We brought some of our colorful fabrics, we brought a professional tailor and we started giving workshops in the interior. After the first badge was made, the handmade tote bags didn't go unnoticed. Receiving compliments and people placing an order was a sign of: This has potential!
From 6 tote bags, to 100 tote bags, to 300 bags, we thought now it's time to spice things up. We started editing some new bags and accessories for our collections. Our sales went up and our business started growing.
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Talking Prints - What's in the name?
Talking Prints = Prints that can Talk?
Yes, our prints are really talking! If you check out our products and fabric they all have a print. Via our prints, we are talking about the local makers we work with and we talk about our journey as two entrepreneurs.
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