Project Makoki

Talking Prints is committed to help and contribute to the well being of creative communities in the interior of Suriname. They have been active since 2015 and so far they have successful employment projects in two Saramaccan villages in Brokopondo were more than 10 women participating.
The ladies of Talking Prints are always on the lookout to help more creative communities in Suriname.

Exactly a year ago in April 2019, the founders traveled to Galibi to get to know more about the culture of the indigenous people.
They came in contact with a very special and talented basket waver from Galibi, a village 4 hours from Paramaribo. The maker of these baskets is a member of the indigenous tribe called Caraib. After this trip they got so inspired by the rich culture of this tribe, they saw no other way then starting a new collaboration with the indigenous people of Galibi.
That is how the 3rd project named Makoki started.
Project Makoki is named after the traditional basket indigenous men use when they go out hunting. The material they use comes from the Warimbo plant.
It's super strong and it lasts a lifetime. When they heard about the qualities and possibilities of this plant they start visualizing a new bag. A bag straight out of nature. With this new project, the two ladies bring more employment activities into Galibi while they currently live on fishing and low key tourism. Especially the men live very isolated without an income with the result that the village on the is bleeding to death. That is a sin. The native culture should be appreciated.
The natives are is the first inhabitants of Suriname and descends from the Caraib community.
We wouldn't be here without them.

*products handmade by the men of project Makoki