Our Goals

The Talking Prints journey is almost moving forward to it's 6th year.
Being an ethical and sustainable brand isn't the easiest journey to go through, but it sure is the most energizing and grateful work ever.
In these 6 years we came a long way, but we also failed quite some times. During those failures, it’s important to stay focused and make your goals realistic, manageable and also be flexible if things aren’t going your way.
To manage our goals the best way we can, we divided them into short- and long- term goals.
For this year we set out the following goals

                                              Short-term goals 2021                                                                    
Goals Status
Starting our first clothing line

Full in progress, more clothing items coming soon

Attending to Dutch Festivals    

Still unsure, waiting for festival updates

Expand our working area so more sustainable jobs can be created   

Full in progress, we added 7 new villages to our working area

Long-time goals 2021- and counting

Goals    Status
Structural work is guaranteed Due to Covid, the production line is on a low, structural work cant be guaranteed
A fair income so they can cover their basic needs A fair income guaranteed, due to Suriname financial crises, its challenging to cover basic needs
Stimulate their micro-business One of the women started a micro business
Creating a workspace in the villages

Lobbying for sponsor deals