Our Formula

Talking Prints is an ethical brand, based in Suriname (South America)and founded in 2015 by Zoe Mezas and Pekula Starke. This conscious brand creates sustainable jobs for the Maroon and Indigenous communities in the rural areas of Suriname. Together with these communities they make handmade products inspired by Surinamese culture and their traditional craftsmanship.

Little side step here! Who are the Indigenous & Maroon communities?
Indigenous communities are descendants of the first inhabitants of Suriname and the Maroons of Suriname are descendants of Africans who were brought here through the slave trade.
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The Maroon and Indigenous communities live in nature far away from the cities. They are partly living self-sufficient, meaning they mostly grow their food but still need money to take care of their basic needs. It's challenging to get a structural income because there are fewer job and education opportunities in the interior.

We believe in the power of sustainability and having a long-term vision.
Seeing the talents, ambitions of these communities, but the lack of opportunities, gave us the driving force to help reduce this social problem. It became our mission to create sustainable jobs for these communities in the interior of Suriname.

Working far from home, leaving their children and having no time for their agricultural activities would interfere with their authentic lifestyle too much. We don’t sign up for that job. We cherish their beautiful and rich authentic lifestyle, so we create work that’s close to their homes, have flexible work hours so they can still live their original lifestyle. This way the communities still can earn a fair income and gain a more financially independent life.
Training programs
Working with these creative communities is a real blessing for us. We got a chance to dive deeper into traditional handicrafts and learn more about the authentic lifestyles of these communities. At the same time, working with these communities also means you need to prepare them for a professional production line that produces high-quality products. We set up several training programs. During these programs, they learn basic business skills such as communicating, work ethic, planning, cost price calculation, and they learn about the importance of producing high-quality products.

Low- risks for the community

Because the communities are hardly capable of investing their money,
Talking Prints invest in all the materials, machines and sell the products on the international market. This way the community doesn't need to worry about sales and investing in materials. We also make sure that the transport of all the materials to the interior is organized, so the community can fully focus on the production line.
How we make an impact 

By purchasing the Talking Prints items, the people of the interior can express their creativity, they can produce profitable products and they can invest their earnings back into their micro-business like agriculture and producing local food.
Talking Prints has already made an impact in 3 villages, named Drepada, Balingsoela and Galibi.
In total they work with more than 15 women. 
At this moment they are expanding their working area with 7 new villages.
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