What if you can bring your wishes into reality

Just like a Genie in a bottle. You rub against a golden lamp and poeff, the Genie pops up and you start telling all your wishes and desires.  And he answers with "  Your wishes are my commands".

That really sounds a little crazy. But if you dust all the extra Disney away and keep it to the core you will see that you have the power to bring your wishes into reality. 

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It is based on the belief that thoughts are a form of energy and that positive energy attracts success in all areas of life, including work, health, finances, and relationships.

Maybe it is something you're already doing, but unconscious.

We started to incorporate the Law of Attraction into our business Talking Prints and see what happens, while it's for FREE!


We had the wish to sell our products at one of the biggest international festivals in the Netherlands, called Lowland. After starting our debut career on Kwaku, an Amsterdam food festival, we spoke about how cool it would be to attend this festival that attracts thousands and thousands of people.  For quite some years we felt a strong desire to participate in Lowlands and we kept visualizing how we would decorate the place, we thought about the products we would showcase and how we would enjoy some great musical artists at the same time.  We started looking for ways to contact the organization. Poefff there it was, a little opportunity showed up. We received an e-mailadres of a person who is related to the vendor's market. And guess what, the person recently traveled to Suriname and heard and saw our products. Call it coincidence, a little Genie in a bottle, Gado/God, the Universe. One thing was clear: Our dream to tell our Talking Prints story at this famous festival came a little closer into our existence.  

It took some emailing back and forth, but this Lowland thing was about to happen. We packed our products and sent them out to the Netherlands. Just as we imagined, we started building our festival shop and our dream became reality. And there we were, head wrapping and styling the Lowlands audience in our Surinamese products. We had a nice Lowland experience. The only thing we forgot was to visualize a luxury glamping spot because we had to go through the hard-knock camping life.

It started as a wild dream that seemed so far away and impossible. People asked, are you really going to sleep in a tent for 3 days in dutch cold weather, and share bath areas and toilets with thousands of people?  We were dedicated and convinced that we would be participating at Lowland, so yes it sounded crazy for the outside world, but we didn't let anyone discourage us and we stayed focused on our visions and dreams.

If you have dreams and desires and you keep a positive mindset, you can achieve them. Life can be an amazing playground for you. So start creating your mood board and visualizing your dreams!



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