The secret sauce of Entrepreneurship

When people talk about entrepreneurship they usually talk about the different challenges you have to face and the tough road you have to cross. And it's true. But wouldn't it be more encouraging if people also highlight the fun parts at first sight?

It also would help if the school systems mention entrepreneurship more during school days or even give some lectures about entrepreneurship, so the young ones might make different choices in their career. 

The birth of Talking Prints really was an eye-opener for us. Because we got to taste the secret sauce of Entrepreneurship. This time we leave the trials and errors stories out and the sacrifice and responsibility stories for another time. Let's start with the fun parts of entrepreneurship !

  1. I WANT TO BREAK Freee!

Being an entrepreneur brings so much more freedom.  You decide what time you get up, you learn how to be productive without sitting behind your desk for 8 hours (8 hours work weeks are sooo 1990's).You actually can be productive in 4 hours and still get things done. You decide how you schedule your week, and which projects you jump on. You are in full control. Oh I forgot one!
No mandatory small talks about the weather and weekend plans with colleagues you don't really like.  

  1. Creativity at full force

Remember those days in kindergarten: make up your own games, make the wildest drawing, have the silliest thoughts and your parents just let you be. I kid you not. Those moments are golden. Do you know why? Because you're full of creativity and your creativity has no boundaries. 

As you grow older, you lose your connection with your inner child.  But I have good news. You can bring your inner child and creativity alive while doing your own thing. You can bring your goals and dreams into existence. You decide what products are going to be produced, which fabric you use, what the photoshoot looks like, and how you market your product. It's all you! Isn't that nice?

  1. It's a vibe thing!

Another cliche is coming your way. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Yup, nothing but the truth in there. When you are in charge, you get to choose who you let into your business. Fun, creative, open-minded and real people with the right expertise por favor! Plus you attract like-minded people who support your concept and vision. That makes us one big happy family.

Too bad I didn’t get to taste the secret sauce early, but you know what.
Better late than never. Curious?Grab a spoon and dig in.


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