The real inside story

Looking back at two turbulent years we finally got time to catch our breath because this period was a hell of a ride. The COVID crisis left some deep wounds in our business. And we are still healing from these wounds.

From the outside, everything seems like happy happy joy joy. And with a new store in the middle of Paramaribo, everything should go smoothly for you guys, right?!

Most people are familiar with the following saying: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. I think we have to add a new version to this popular saying. How about:’ Don’t judge a business by its store display’.

It’s so easy to assume things, make up your own stories and if you want to go wild, you make sure the storyline benefits you the best. This isn’t actually fair?This way you don’t get the chance to hear the real story, it often causes miscommunication and you can disadvantage other parties.

This happens quite frequently with us. Opening a new store, traveling to the interior, or being represented at overseas festivals should bring a lot of dollar dollars bills into the bank. Story makers out there. Stop that fairy tale right now! Let's clear some things up. We got some huge set-backs in the past and we are still busy working on creating new heights for the business again. And yes the struggle is real. Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to push through but knowing we came a long way and we really are making a difference in the interior by creating sustainable jobs gives us the right push. And yes from the outside it seems like participating in all of these activities brings a lot of money. But realization, sacrifices and risks are made to make new money again. Also without seeing the financial status of a company you don’t know if the expenses are even lower than their monthly income.
So beware when you start writing your bubbly fairytale story and try to fact-check before you make assumptions.


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