Squid game vs Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you get tested a lot, like a lot a lot!
For the people who are familiar with the Squid games, every day you have to participate in a game and your perseverance gets tested, extremely tested. Because when you fail the test, you get killed. Little shortcut for the people who don't know the Squid Games, Squid game is a television series in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children's games to win a ton of cash. The downside is that losers will be killed.

Comparing the Squid Game to entrepreneurship might be a little extreme but it sure shows a lot of resemblance.
As the director of Talking Prints we also feel like playing the Squid game sometimes. Here is why!

1. Be patient!
Visualizing your dreams is the fun part, but putting them into action is something else. The hours of work you have to put in, without getting rewarded with money or recognition or collaborations. Don't count on it for at least the first three years. Is your blood work, sweat, and tears you need to bring to the table first.
Besides the hard work, you also need to work smart.
Just like the Squid game the participants need to carve a shape out of sugar candy, the Dalgona candy, without breaking it. While others rush the game, they fail the assignment. One of the players decides to lick the candy so it can melt, instead of carving the candy with a needle with the possibility of breaking.

With Talking Prints we also learned how to play smart and efficiently. Thinking outside of the box made us achieve several goals.

2. Pushing teamwork
As an entrepreneur, you quickly need to realize you can't achieve your goals alone. You need people to help you open up doors.
Zoe and I are quite all-rounders, meaning we can maneuver through several disciplines. But at the same time, this can be a pitfall. We can run a 2 men's show but it's very exhausting and you easily lose sight of the bigger picture.
In the Squid game series, there is a game where they have to pull the rope into their corner. They had to team up with a group and the team decided to rely on the knowledge and experience of an old man. And of course, they won.
Instead of trying to do everything yourself or putting on your known-it- all- face, it's good to have an attitude where you are open to suggestions and get help from people with the right expertise. We stopped our 2 men show and now we are trusting the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues

3 Be flexible
The business landscape can be very bumpy and full of rocks and steep hills. Being flexible and learning to adapt quickly is very important when you constantly face challenges.
How do you adapt when Covid slaps you in the face or what do you do when certain materials aren't available in Suriname or what do you do when a successful marketing strategy ain't working anymore. In the most comfortable scenario, you would run off and hide from these challenges. But the best scenario is to face the challenges and try to constantly experiment, make changes and be quick to discontinue an experiment if it does not meet that criteria.

Master your game and have the best time of your life!



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