How can you make a change?!

While we are living in a pandemic world, where Covid affected our business tremendously, we had to slow down our production line and close our store. Suriname is also situated in a financial crisis that is leading to the devaluation of the Surinamese currency.

All of this makes our Talking Prints wages a little shaky and unstable.
For the near future, we are considering standardizing our wages to euros so we can make sure the local makers don't get affected by the devaluation.
Talking Prints is an independent brand, meaning we built this baby up from scratch, investing our money into the company which includes marketing, setup up a product line,  sales etc. Being an independent brand also means you need to be creative, when the roads get rough.

In this crazy crisis it's even more important to help the local makers.
While our sales dropped, we still need the production line going forward.
And we need a little help from you to keep that production wheel spinning.
How? For every purchase you make we can place new orders at the makers. No sales means no employment.
So keep the creative communities in the interior going and Shop & Support.
 Do you want to know which project makes your item? 
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