Fight like a Gladiator

Next year is going to be our 8th anniversary of being an entrepreneur. We remember the day we entered, as I would call it the Gladiator Entrepreneur Arena.
We were fresh, inexperienced, sweaty armpits and hands palms.
As we entered the arena, we got introduced to a whole new world.
A world where you have to fight for what is yours, a world where you set your boundaries. Seems like a harsh world right, but still there is a beauty in playing this game.

The battlefield
When we just started Talking Prints we got introduced to a lot of new people. As a newbie, you can't skip this part, unfortunately, because you need people to get things done.
Remember those days when your parents warned you not to talk to strangers because they might be a person with bad intentions? Or as a kid, they warned you about people that randomly give you candy on the streets, and made you cautious of child molesters. This way our parents prepared a certain radar system for us.

Being new to this “Gladiator world”, we had to build our radar system. Because all these new people we met, don't always have the best intentions. And the only way to find out is to go into the battlefield, no shortcuts possible.
As gladiators, you need to enter the arena and get your ass beat sometimes. This is the only way to build experience. By getting your ass kicked you know how to read your opponents better and better. We had several battles where people wanted to copy our designs, set up scam deals, trying to take advantage of us.

At those ass-kick moments you feel defeated, but being in the game for quite some time made us realize those moments are very valuable. In these 8 years, our radar system has been upgraded to a high-quality system that can scan our opponents from a distance. We can smell from 10 km away when a gladiator is smelly, not good-hearted, lost, or not serious. The alarm bells start to ring loudly, meaning we need to be cautious.
Through the gladiator battlefields, we got the chance to get a head start, and we learned to play the game smarter and smarter.
Even in these 8 years, our radar system continues to need an update. So we still have to enter the gladiator arena for another battle. We might win or lose. Either way, we always win in the end, because it's the experience that counts and makes your radar system a well-oiled machine.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Step into the arena and get your ass kicked sometimes!


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