Coronavirus & corona pandemic: good or bad?

Coronavirus and pandemics are all we hear and read all day long in the media. Pandemics and Coronavirus turned into scary words. They are mostly associated with a lot of people dying, crises, companies going down under and full hospitals.
Our 2020 started very shaky. We stepped into a new period, where a new virus and a new way of living was introduced to us. We have been through a lot. Dealing with tight measurements of the governments, such as lockdown, wearing face masks etc.

The corona journey we go through with Talking Prints is also very hard on us. Our sales have dropped tremendously, we had to close our shop, we don't have enough orders for the women in the interior. With these dropping orders, the women get less paid and start losing their motivation and faith in our concept. I can easily go on about all the challenges we have to face. But we like to put negativity into something positive. With all the setbacks we are more focused, and we are even holding on to our dreams and hopes more than ever. Besides that, we are much more creative.
corona pandemic pandemie virus

The next thing I am about to say might sound a little crazy. But this Corona pandemic also feels like a blessing at the same time. Crazy right?
We are almost 2 years into the Corona situation. And in Suriname they are talking about the 4th Corona wave. It seems like Miss C' Rona isn't going away any time soon. So we need to find a way to deal with this situation.
This is what Miss C' Rona taught us in these 2 years.

1. Books are our new best friends: You know the cliche line: 'Knowledge is power' It's so true! We forget that we have the privilege of going online or reading books. The Masterminds who went before us found the hacks in life and they capture all their findings in books. Try to make use of the internet and books wisely. Cut back on some Netflix and chill and try to read in the morning or before you go to bed. Don't know where to start searching for interesting books?
Here are some titles.
The Divine Matrix- Gregg Braden

2. Cutting back on your social life might be a punch in the face. But let me tell you, you win so much extra time for yourself. With this extra time and money, you can invest in yourself. You can do the things you like most without feeling guilty. Start visualizing your goals, do some yoga, start cooking or baking your favorite dishes, try some gardening, go for long walks in nature. Check out our vlogs to see how we spend our extra time 

3. Let go of all the things you can't influence and just flow.
Just like the water runs through our rivers, the waters keep flowing. Even if there is a big ass rock in the water. The water won't fight the rock, it won't start arguing or complaining about the position of the rock. The water just let's go and embraces the rock and flows around it. Just Corona.
Choose your battle wisely and try to flow just like the water.

If you read this article all to the end, tell us what your blessings are during this Corona pandemic? Comment below.

Lobi, Pekula

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