Bye bye 2021, helloooo 2022!


The last days of December are ticking away
and the circle of 356 days is almost completed again.
It really seems like the earth is spinning extra hard these days
because 2021 just flew by.
Going into a new year, we always take some time to reflect and be grateful for all the things we achieved and focus on the goals that lay ahead of us. Sharing is caring, so we like to give you some insights about Talking Prints 2021.
The reality checks
Starting the year 2021 was a little rough. Realizing that COVID-19 made it to another year, made us realize we have to accept Corona as a new lifestyle. Meaning, organizing our trips to the interior very carefully, because we have to deal with lockdowns in the evenings and during the weekends, which cost delays. Cancellations of festival seasons overseas, no tourists in the country to show our handmade products, closing our store, dealing with devaluation in Suriname, seeing our income shrinking into a little peanut. Yup, but we are still standing though, and despite all the setbacks, these harsh reality checks also opened new doors, a new mindset and new perspectives. 
The blessings
It can't rain forever right, the sun needs to shine some days too. That's why the blessings also came through. One of our blessings is that we got the opportunity to increase our work field from 3 villages to 10 villages in total. It was always our goal to spread our concept, (creating sustainable jobs in the interior of Suriname) to different places in Suriname. With the help of Staatsolie we started working towards this goal. We visited the new villages, started training the creative communities in the interior and we are getting them ready to produce handmade local products. The women in the interior worked very hard and I can tell products are coming your way! 
Besides increasing our work field another blessing came through our door. We got the possibility to produce local school bags for the government. Producing locally made school bags, a project initiated and empowered by the Surinamese government is a big step forward because Suriname is a country that for the most part relies on the import of a lot of products.
The new storyline
Coming to realize it is your natural birthright to be successful, creates so many unlimited opportunities and desires. That is why we keep rewriting our Talking Prints storyline. In the storyline of 2022 we can give you a sneak peek of our story? We are going to build our first sewing workplace in the interior!!!
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