Project Go Bana

Collaboration Go Bana Suriname x Talking Prints

Did you know the stems of the banana tree can be made into fibers and used for all kinds of purposes?
Go Bana Suriname is a foundation in Suriname that fully embraced the power of this special tree.
They brought the fiber technology to Suriname and at the same time, they created employment for creative women.
Talking Prints supports this project and for this reason, Talking Prints started a collaboration with Go Banana Suriname.
Together with the creative community of Go Banana Suriname, they designed a trendy crossover bag called Lontu Bag and the Opo Hati,
a suncap mixed with banana fibers and colorful fabrics.
*products handmade by the women of project Go Bana Suriname

The power of Banana Fibers

Banana fiber is the residual product of the banana tree. A lot of people are throwing away the banana stems because they don't know the value and power of the stems. By processing the stems into fibers, a very strong material can be transformed into beautiful products such as bags ,hats, mats and jewelry. With this we also give a clear example of “ circular economy”: the residual product of the banana tree is reused and is also a 100% raw material.

Another important motivation for using banana fibers is because it stimulates the anti-plastic movement. By supporting our products from banana fibers you help banning the single-use plastic bags and all non-sustainable products that make the waste mountain even bigger and bigger. And like the other projects of Talking Prints, producing and working with these banana fibers creates job opportunities in Suriname.


Foundation Go Banana Suriname 

Go Banana Suriname is committed to creating more awareness about the possibilities of banana fibers. They trained 18 women in Suriname and they organize workshops to teach people several techniques, from braiding, spinning, sewing and stitching.

For more information about the possibilities of banana fibers go to